CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #737: Cortec® Coatings for Forklift Preventative Maintenance

A fork truck rental company found its equipment seriously damaged by corrosion after leasing it for use in the corrosive environment of a sauerkraut plant. In order to arrest the corrosion and preserve resale value, the company began a monthly preventative maintenance program using Cortec® Coatings. CorrVerter® was used to passivate existing rust, and EcoShield® 386 was applied to all painted metal surfaces. Moving parts that could not be painted were protected with CorShield® VpCI® -369. Exposed electrical connections were sprayed with ElectriCorr® VpCI® -239. These products are reapplied as needed during monthly maintenance and have led to a huge improvement in rust prevention. The customer rarely has to use CorrVerter® anymore and is able to keep the equipment in resalable condition during the lease period.

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Keywords: fork truck rental, equipment corrosion, sauerkraut plant maintenance, equipment resale strategies, preventative maintenance, forklifts, Cortec, VpCI, rust prevention

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