Coatings Plus 2021 Underscores Cortec® Industry Strengths

The Cortec® Micro-Corrosion Inhibiting Coatings™ team was on hand to see the year out with the final Coatings+ conference, December 13th-16th in Phoenix, Arizona. Starting next March, this former SSPC event will be fully absorbed into the annual AMPP conference created by the recent merger of SSPC with NACE International. Given these changes and current circumstances, Coatings+ attendance was small, but we still had some great interactions with those who stopped by our booth.

Once again, our VpCI® Emitter Cups were great conversation starters. A simple inquiry into the purpose of these green cups opened the door to explaining how the same VpCI® Technology can be used in many different formats—foam, paper, film, and even coatings! The rusty pipe sitting on our display table also
attracted attention with its three different coatings layers:

  1. CorrVerter® Rust Converter Primer
  2. VpCI®-396 Primer
  3. VpCI®-384 Topcoat

The first layer, CorrVerter®, was of special interest to oil and gas personnel, who often have to maintain pipelines in remote areas where it is difficult to sandblast rust. Our team was able to introduce them to CorrVerter® as an easy way to coat and passivate pipeline surfaces where the rust is not too deep or flaky yet. The coating turns black and slows down the rust even where good surface prep is difficult. The concept seemed to be new and exciting to several visitors who took home CorrVerter® samples to try for themselves.

Interestingly enough, the Coatings+ show turned out to be a great time to talk about films with one of our fellow exhibitors who may be able to benefit from our extrusion services at Cortec® Advanced Films. The vendor uses thick polyethylene film to make their coatings’ industry product, and discussions have already started on how Cortec® may be able to help them in their enterprise. Ultimately, even though the convention was not what might normally be expected, these and other conversations underscored the special strengths of Cortec® to flexibly adapt to a wide range of industry applications!

Contact us to discuss how we might adapt to your special coating, film, or other need:

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