CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer Wins Concrete Contractor 2022 Top Product Award!

Cortec® Corporation is pleased to announce the receipt of a Concrete Contractor 2022 Top Products award for CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer! Concrete Contractor uses these awards to recognize innovative industry products that have captured the attention of construction professionals who read their magazine or website. In an announcement listing this year’s award winners, the editor of Concrete Contractor explained, “These solutions were designed to not only help overcome the challenges contractors face on a daily basis but do so with innovative ideas and the ingenuity for them to be successful in the years to come.” Here is how CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer does that for the concrete industry.

Making Life Easier for Concrete Repair Contractors

CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer makes life easier for contractors performing concrete repairs by providing an alternative to grinding and abrasive blasting of rusty rebar. In order to ensure the soundness of a concrete repair, the contractor must make sure that the exposed reinforcing metal will bond properly to the new concrete patch material. The ICRI 310.1R-2008 “Guideline for Surface Preparation for the Repair of Deteriorated Concrete Resulting from Reinforcing Steel Corrosion” calls for a clean metal surface with no concrete, dirt, or corrosion products that could interfere with adhesion, noting that a layer of tightly bonded light rust is usually not a problem. CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer falls within these guidelines and circumvents the need for labor-intensive blasting by passivating the rust with rust converting primer.

How CorrVerter® Works on Rusty Rebar

CorrVerter® MCI® is a single component, fast-drying, water-based primer that converts rusted surfaces to a passive layer. It contains a unique formulation of
chelating agents combined with a high solids waterborne latex with extremely low water vapor permeability. The combination of these materials converts the surface rust into a hydrophobic passive layer with excellent protection against re-rusting. This is perfect for concrete repair applications where rusty steel reinforcement has been exposed, where further corrosion protection is required, and where good surface prep is difficult to achieve. CorrVerter
® is a low-labor alternative to sandblasting and is easy to paint onto corroded rebar after loose rust has been removed with a wire brush. When properly applied, it shows bond strength similar to that of uncoated rebar.

Implementing a High Performance Repair System (HPRS®)

CorrVerter® is an important part of Cortec’s five-step MCI® High Performance Repair System (HPRS®):

  1. Prepare the Substrate
  2. Treat and Clean Rusted Rebars (e.g., apply CorrVerter®)
  3. Apply Repair Materials
  4. Apply Surface Applied Corrosion Inhibitors (SACIs)
  5. Apply Final Coating (optional)

The MCI® HPRS® is designed to help concrete repairs last longer by incorporating Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors that slow the progression of corrosion and the ring-anode/halo effect. CorrVerter® is a low-labor surface prep option that makes it much easier to get the repair off to a good start.

Honored and Eager to Get Effective Solutions into the Hands of Concrete Contractors

Cortec® is eager to get effective, easy-to-use concrete corrosion protection solutions into the hands of contractors and building owners around the world to extend the service life of reinforced concrete structures. Cortec® is especially honored to be recognized for CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer by the Concrete Contractor 2022 Top Products awards and looks forward to continuing to make life easier for concrete contractors with this simple and effective method of rebar surface prep! Learn more about CorrVerter®MCI® Rust Primer here:

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