CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #336: Protective Coatings for European Extrusion Plant

The owner of a film extrusion plant in Croatia needed a full protective coatings system that was cost-effective, easy to apply, and took the environment into consideration. Cleaning, adhesion, and overall appearance were other important factors.

All silos, light poles, and the floor were first cleaned with VpCI®– 414 Cleaner/Degreaser (sometimes diluted 15% with water). One coat of VpCI®-386 Green was applied to the silos. VpCI®– 386 Green was also used as a topcoat on the light poles after priming them with VpCI®-373 to improve adhesion to the galvanized surface. MCI®-2026 Concrete Primer and MCI®-2026 Floor Coating were applied to the floor. A Cortec® water-based coating system was also applied to the extrusion line before the manufacturer shipped it from Italy to Croatia.

The Cortec® Coatings allowed the extrusion plant to easily apply a color-coded coatings system that promotes safety and corrosion protection while employing several water-based products.

Keywords: protective coatings, improve adhesion, priming galvanized surface, water-based coating system, Cortec Coatings, floor coating, MCI, priming light poles, corrosion protection

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