CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #735: Corrosion Preventative Maintenance on Fertilizer Loaders


Front-end loaders for moving high volumes of deicing salts and/or fertilizers at ports along the Ohio River had a habit of corroding quickly. The aggressive environment forced the company to search for a new preventative maintenance plan that would keep the equipment from looking 10 years old in just one year and reduce the normal replacement frequency of two to three years.

VpCI®-391 is now applied once a year during the slow season. The equipment is power washed and dried before receiving a complete overspray of VpCI®-391 on the front, back, top, and bottom—everything except the windows. The client loved the product and has been using it for more than a decade to extend equipment service life—no special permitting required for this low-VOC coating!

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Keywords: preventative maintenance, front-end loader maintenance, extend equipment service life, fertilizer corrosion, deicing salt corrosion, Cortec, VpCI, VpCI-391, low VOC coating, corrosion

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