PRESS RELEASE: Remove Coatings, Oil and Grease Economically, Easily and Safely while Adding Patented VpCI® Corrosion Protection!

Corrosion is an expensive and persistent problem that must be carefully handled in a step-by-step process. Most metals become extremely contaminated with heavy rust, scale and hydrocarbon deposits. These contaminants must be removed before further processing will be effective. Surface preparation is the first and very important stage in corrosion protection process. This essential step is conducted before the application of corrosion protection coatings. In fact, one of the main causes of corrosion related problems is poor surface preparation. This is because anti corrosion coating is directly affected by the surface that it is applied to.

If the surface has not been properly prepared, the coating will not stick properly and this will result in lower effectiveness and longevity of the corrosion protection coating. Surface preparation is most often used for steel, aluminum and concrete materials. Cortec’s environmentally friendly products make it easy to clean multi-metals, remove rust, condition and prepare metal for temporary or permanent coatings and packaging. Cortec’s surface preparation products also add patented VpCI® corrosion protection. One of Cortec’s bestsellers is VpCI® 414 Cleaner Degreaser, non-toxic, water-soluble, biodegradable cleaner. Designed as a special heavy-duty temporary coating and wax remover from metal and painted surfaces, VpCI® 414 concentrate is extremely effective in the removal of dirt, oils and greases or other cosmoline-like products. As a viscous liquid, market leading VpCI-®414 is ideal for underhanging and vertical applications. It provides multimetal corrosion protection even after parts have been cleaned, up to 48 hours. VpCI® 414 cleaner enables cost effective way to remove rust effectively, easily and safely while adding corrosion protection. It is also effective for light oils and greases and will not affect painted surfaces. VpCI®- 414 can be applied at full strength or diluted. It provides strong corrosion protection after parts have been cleaned.

Non flammable – VpCI 414®, does not affect painted surfaces and remains active even if left to dry. It is mostly used at room temperature, thus reducing energy consumption but it can also be used in a heated bath for heavy hydrocarbons. Viscous liquid will cling to ceilings and vertical surfaces in a ready-to-use formulation. The product is highly effective at low concentrations, diluted as low as 1% for concentrate (by volume) and higher. It is easily applied and no special protective equipment is needed. Metals protected are carbon, stainless and galvanized steel, cast iron, copper and brass. VpCI® 414 is used in cleaning and corrosion prevention applications by global companies worldwide like General Motors as well as the United States Air Force, who used VpCI® 414 as part of the Cortec’s “Clean, Protect, Preserve” program and achieved high performance, cost effective and easy method of cleaning the surfaces.

Lower Cost, Improved Cleaning Solution for Parts Washing Machine
Plant located in India manufactures a wide range of excavators. Before assembling the gearboxes, they were cleaning the parts in the washing machine using alkaline industrial cleaner at 5-6% concentration, maintaining the temperature at 65- 70 ° C (149-158 ° F). Sump life of this cleaner was 30-45 days. After washing the parts, oil remained on the surface. This was unacceptable to the customer. They were searching for a cleaner with good cleaning ability, short term rust protection, and an economical cost. Since they did not want to make many changes in the existing process, they introduced Cortec® VpCI®-414 to the washing machine at 0.5% and maintained the temperature at 65-70 ° C (149-158 ° F). The problem was solved at a lower cost without making any changes in the existing process. VpCI®- 414 is user friendly, and the cleaning quality is better than with other cleaners on the market even at very low dosages. The customer no longer faces cleaning issues and oil carryover on the surface due to the excellent properties of VpCI®-414. Indian manufacturer has implemented VpCI®-414 in the parts washing machine and started ordering it regularly. They are also planning to install one more washing machine in which they will use Cortec® VpCI®-414, as well. 

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