NEWS ALERT: New Demo Video from Cortec®! How to Check Coating Cure

Have you ever been applying a coating out in the field and wanted to know if enough time had passed to apply the topcoat? Our newest demo video shows how to do a quick solvent rub test to make sure your coating has cured.

In this short video, Cortec® Technical Services Manager Rick Shannon explains how to do a solvent rub test and then demonstrates the technique on a panel coated with VpCI®-395 Water-Based Epoxy Primer. Wearing gloves, he rubs a towel dipped in solvent (MEK) back and forth across the panel 25 times to see if any of the coating will come off or fade. Rick finishes the solvent rub with no damage to the coating, confirming that it has fully cured and is ready to be top-coated with another Cortec® Coating.

Making sure a coating has fully cured before applying the second coat on top is critical to good adhesion and the success of the entire coatings system. Without good adhesion, the coating will chip or peel off more easily, exposing the metal to corrosive elements that could damage the surface and cause coating failure altogether, negating corrosion protection. When time is limited and cold weather or other situations make it unclear how long you should wait before recoating, a solvent rub is a quick and easy way to check coating cure. Watch this demo to be prepared next time you need to do an impromptu MEK solvent rub test out in the field:

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