NEWS ALERT: A Little Preventative Maintenance Goes a Long Way: Mining and Ready-Mix Trucks

Heavy equipment is essential to the mining and construction industries. However, work crews face two major upkeep challenges: (1) Harsh environments lead to corrosion and shortened service life and (2) Spilled cement and asphalt are difficult to remove once hardened. Cortec® is seeking to help crews minimize these problems with three handy preventative maintenance coatings.

Preventative Maintenance for Mining

Option 1: Annual Preventative Maintenance

VpCI®-391 is a water-based coating that can be sprayed directly over bare or painted metal. It leaves behind an inconspicuous non-tacky coating that inhibits corrosion and thus extends the service life of the equipment. Since VpCI®-391 is technically a removable coating that can wear off over time, it should typically be reapplied once a year during annual preventative maintenance activities. Heavy equipment owners/users who have applied VpCI®-391 in this way have seen a significant improvement in service life in harsh conditions.

Option 2: Long-Term Preventative Maintenance

For workers who want to get more time out of their “paint job,” EcoShield® VpCI®-386 serves as an outstanding permanent water-based corrosion inhibitor coating. It can be applied as a very thin clear coat over bare metal and painted surfaces, or, if desired, tinted to match the truck’s color theme. It can slow down the corrosion process for multiple years without reapplication.

Option 3: Corrosion Protection + Easier Cleaning

MCI® Creteskin® is a great option for ready-mix or asphalt trucks that are incredibly difficult to clean after concrete or asphalt residues dry on the surface. Spraying a coating of MCI® Creteskin® on the equipment before it is used leaves behind a coating that cures to a slightly waxy finish and prevents adhesion of cementitious materials. This makes it easier to clean hardened materials with high pressure water instead of abrasive blasting or acid removal. It also inhibits corrosion. Touchup can be done as needed to areas of the coating that wear away after normal use. Although it takes more initial thought and effort to apply a protective coating before the problem happens, doing so pays off in the long run by helping equipment last longer and making it easier to maintain. Take some time today to consider what situations your equipment will be up against and contact Cortec® for help picking the best coating for your application.

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