PRESS RELEASE: Anticorrosion Coatings to Help Manufacturers Achieve Rust-Free Shipment!

Manufacturers of metal goods have the added concern of making sure their components or pieces of finished equipment reach customers in like-new condition. One of the biggest enemies is corrosion, which attacks bare metal surfaces and sometimes bleeds right through the final coating. Cortec® is here to help manufacturers find practical, effective protective coating options that will help them achieve their goal of corrosion-free shipment to the end user and add value to the manufacturing process.

Permanent Coatings for Metal Goods

Many manufacturers may simply want to use a Cortec® water-based coating in place of their current coatings for better protection. This was the result for a manufacturer of HVAC units that were already rusting through two coats of primer and a topcoat before they could even be prepped for overseas export at the logistics site. The manufacturer worked closely with Cortec® to select a coating system that made sense for their application and ended up with one primer coat of VpCI®-375 and one topcoat of VpCI®-386 (color and viscosity adjusted to meet their specs). This decreased the coating system from three coats of paint to two coats and reduced overall coating thickness while providing the desired protection with two water-based coatings. In another case, a refrigerator coil manufacturer adopted VpCI®-386 in their dip tank and thus replaced a strong-smelling solvent-based coating that did not meet their performance standard.

Force-Dry Coating for Fast-Paced Paint Lines

Often, manufacturers have fast-paced paint lines where components need to be dipped or sprayed and dried quickly. Otherwise, the painted parts may stick together if packed or piled up while the coating is still warm and soft. Force-dry ovens—which can be as small as a cabinet or as large as a tunnel big enough to send a bulldozer through—help speed up the process. However, they require the use of coatings with good hot hardness. EcoShield® 386 FD was designed for such applications as a permanent coating that inhibits corrosion and also reduces the risk of parts sticking together. Initially used to coat tube steel pipes, EcoShield® 386 FD is also great for coating metal hooks, castings, and a wide range of other parts that need to be coated quickly and force-dried. Designed to meet local “zero VOC” regulations for the initial customer, EcoShield® 386 FD has the added advantage of an extremely low VOC of 0.04 lbs/gal (5 g/L). 

Removable Coatings for Painted and Unpainted Surfaces

Certain manufacturing situations are better suited to the use of temporary or removable coatings that provide protection during the crucial shipping period. VpCI®-391 is an outstanding water-based coating that is easy to work with and can be used on both painted and unpainted surfaces. One major equipment manufacturer has found it to be a viable option for protection of bolted joints and threads that can only be coated with products that will not cause slippage and failure. VpCI®– 391 can also be sprayed directly over the final equipment coating. This has been done for protection of fire trucks during transit. It is also a great idea for extra protection against chipping and saltwater on equipment traveling overseas. VpCI®-391 is so inconspicuous that retailers sometimes leave it on the equipment. However, it can easily be sprayed off with a power washer to reveal the new coating underneath, if desired. Topping off these benefits, VpCI®-391 also has a low VOC of 0.4 lbs/gal (48 g/L).

Make Corrosion Protection Easier from the Start

Painting finished metal goods with the right protective coating at the manufacturing site gets the finished product off to a good start. When new parts and equipment arrive at their destination rust-free and in good condition, without complicated degreasing required, manufacturers not only avoid losses but also foster a positive supplier-customer relationship that is invaluable. Contact Cortec® today for help improving your protective coatings system and processes during manufacturing.

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