PRESS RELEASE: Cortec® Presents Green Industrial Paint Remover With Eco-Friendly Strippers!

Years ago, the only way to remove paint from machine tools, workbenches, pipes, railcars and other surfaces was to use a fast-working chemical strippers containing methylene chloride. Unfortunately, due to their high toxicity, these strippers were restricted to outdoor use or well-ventilated areas.

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This is because of their harsh fumes and high VOC content. Today, demand for chemical strippers using safer ingredients is growing rapidly and they are more popular than ever. Thanks to its long term expertise, Cortec® designed green, environmentally friendly paint strippers with superior effectiveness. EcoClean® VpCI®-434G & VpCI®-434L are rapidly biodegradable, non-corrosive, low-toxicity, eco-friendly paint and graffiti strippers that are designed for a wide range of industrial paint removal applications, as well as being efficient gasket remover. EcoClean® VpCI®-434G & L are formulated using environmentally safe benzyl alcohol to replace toxic methylene chloride type paint removers. They can effectively remove architectural, industrial, and lead based paints. This paint remover contains special blend of environmental friendly, low VOC solvents that replace hazardous toxic type paint cleaners. 

EcoClean® VpCI®-434G is formulated to be an exceptionally smooth flowing gel that provides vertical cling to surfaces for the toughest stripping projects while EcoClean® VpCI®-434L is a liquid solution. The stripper uses special wetting agents to penetrate deep into coatings, breaking them down and softening for easy removal of inks, acrylics, 2k & 1k urethanes, alkyds, lacquers, varnishes, and adhesives.


  •  Low VOC
  • Biodegradable
  • HAPs Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Low Odor
  • Low Flammability

EcoClean® VpCI®-434G & L are effective on metal tanks, metal pipes, spray booths, structural supports, spray equipment, machine tools, workbenches, pipes, railcars, vehicles, airplanes, buildings, floors, stairways, pavements, road surfaces and many more.

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