Providing a good base for your anti-corrosion coatings system.

A good primer provides an important baseline for any coatings system, not less so when corrosion protection is at stake. Primers provide good adhesion to the underlying metal surface and also offer good inner-coat adhesion to bond well with the topcoat. The end result is a stronger barrier against corrosion. Most standard applications require a primer and a topcoat; however, protection can be further enhanced with a two component primer system applied before the topcoat.

VpCI® Corrosion Inhibitors

One especially important reason to apply VpCI® primers is that they bring corrosion inhibitors in direct contact with the metal substrate. Special packages of corrosion inhibitors protect the metal substrate with a tight bonding molecular structure that lines micro-cavities. This system eliminates gaps which occur with traditional inhibitors and discourages the start of micro-corrosion.

A Smoother Profile for a Better Finish

Primers also cover imperfections in the substrate, creating a smoother profile on which to put the topcoat. This results in a better finish and appearance for the coated equipment or structure.

One Component or Two Component Systems

Cortec® VpCI® primers are available in both one component and two component systems to meet the specific needs of the customer and the situation. While two component primers provide the greatest coating durability due to crosslinking, some users prefer one component primer systems that are more convenient to apply. Cortec® primers provide corrosion protection for either preference.

Customers can choose primers based on the following characteristics:

  • System Type (water-based or solvent-based)
  • Resin (acrylic, alkyd, epoxies, urethane, etc.)
  • Exterior Durability
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Direct to Metal (DTM) Requirements
  • Salt Spray Performance
  • Gloss
  • VOC
  • Solids
  • Recommended DFT (dry film thickness)
  • Dry to Touch Time

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