Specialized VpCI® coatings for more thorough coverage against micro-corrosion.

Cortec® VpCI® coatings contain special blends of corrosion inhibitors that protect against micro-corrosion by forming a microscopic inhibitor layer along the contours of the metal substrate. Traditional coatings rely on sacrificial metals such as zincs and chromates for corrosion protection. Due to their large particle sizes, these inhibitors leave gaps that make it easier for corrosion to begin in micro-cavities. In contrast, Cortec® VpCI® inhibitors have an attraction to metal and desire to conform to the intricacies of metal surfaces, providing a protective layer in micro-cavities for fuller inhibitor coverage.

Cortec® VpCI® coatings are available for corrosion protection in a variety of industrial applications, including tank farms, offshore structures, industrial MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations), structural steel, manufacturing, transit, or temporary storage. Cortec® offers one and two component primers and topcoats for long-term protection and removable coatings for short- or intermediate-term protection.

While still offering traditional solvent-based and oil-based VpCI® coatings, Cortec® has also been able to achieve significant protection capabilities with low VOC water-based coatings that are increasingly in demand due to environmental concerns.

Choosing the correct coating for your application need involves several considerations:

  • Type of protection needed (short-term, intermediate-term, long-term)
  • Type of metal to protect
  • Type of exposure (indoor, outdoor)
  • How the coating will be applied (spray, dip, brush)
  • Application parameters
  • Cost parameters

Once these questions are answered, the user can choose between a variety of removable coatings or one or two component primers and topcoats depending on what makes the most sense for the application in terms of labor, budget, and protection parameters.

Cortec® VpCI® coatings provide many versatile options to fit the application conditions and provide corrosion protection during manufacturing, shipment, and storage of parts and equipment or field service of metal structures like tanks and offshore platforms.

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