Protect during manufacturing, shipment, and storage.

Cortec’s VpCI® removable coatings deliver exceptional multimetal corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor applications. Metals protected include aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper alloy and tin plated steel.

VpCI® removable coatings are an advanced and easy to use replacement for hazardous oil-based products such as Cosmoline® and Tectyl®*. They are used in some of the toughest climates around the world, including industrial and offshore environments. Benefits of VpCI® removable coatings include the following:

  • Easy to Apply
  • Easy to Remove
  • Low VOC

Cortec® removable coating products can be applied via spray, brush, roll, or dip. They come as single component systems, so that no mixing is needed. The products can be easily removed using alkaline cleaners such as VpCI®-414.

Cortec® VpCI® removable coatings are an excellent option for short- or intermediate-term corrosion protection on valuable equipment and components. They typically leave a translucent, waxy coating that cures to a soft film and eventually hardens. Variations include a thin-film water-based coating that dries clear, a heavy duty coating for harsh outdoor applications such as offshore layup, and a peelable coating that can be sprayed on for protection and easily removed by hand later.

The possible uses for VpCI® removable coatings are countless.

  • Applying a dry thin film clear coat to protect new equipment during transit without affecting appearance
  • Applying a water-based peelable coating to protect components from corrosion and physical abrasion until it is time to put parts back into play
  • Applying a wet-film moisture displacing protective coating to moving parts during MRO equipment maintenance
  • Applying a heavy duty wax-like coating to protect offshore equipment during layup
  • Applying a clear coat to newly manufactured parts for protection during transit or beyond

Removable coatings provide an excellent flexible option for metals preservation in manufacturing, layup, or simple MRO activities. Even though the coatings are removable, some of them are so unnoticeable that they may be left on if desired.

Some VpCI® removable coatings are also qualified to MIL-SPECs.

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*Tectyl is a registered trademark of DAUBERT CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. and POTOMAC CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. All rights reserved. Cosmoline is a registered trademark of HOUGHTON TECHNICAL, INC. All rights reserved.