Long-term protection for field service, anti-corrosion maintenance, and OEM applications.

Topcoats provide the finishing touch to a coatings system and are an important part of anti-corrosion coatings application. Special VpCI® inhibitor packages inside the coatings form a microscopic inhibiting layer to protect against micro-corrosion and provide more thorough coverage than traditional inhibitors that allow gaps between large particles.

With Cortec® VpCI® coatings, you can protect your equipment and products against the corrosive effects of humidity, saltwater, and oxidizing atmospheres such as those in corrosive industrial, marine, and tropical environments.

Cortec® topcoats are available as one or two component systems. Customers can choose coatings based on the following characteristics:

  • System Type (water-based or solvent-based)
  • Resin (acrylic, alkyd, epoxies, urethane, etc.)
  • Exterior Durability
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Direct to Metal (DTM) Requirements
  • Salt Spray Performance
  • Gloss
  • VOC
  • Solids
  • Recommended DFT (dry film thickness)
  • Dry to Touch Time

Cortec® can match your current colors with a customized formula or simply match it from our extensive list of standard RAL colors. Most Cortec® coatings have outstanding UV resistance. Cortec® products also have excellent gloss retention, which is important when aesthetics are a consideration.

As with standard coatings systems, Cortec® VpCI® topcoats should be combined with a VpCI® primer for best performance in terms of adhesion, a smoother substrate profile, and corrosion protection. However, most VpCI® topcoats can also be applied direct to metal when time or labor constraints require a one-coat system.

VpCI® topcoats can be used for corrosion protection in many applications, including equipment or structures in shipping, industrial, or offshore conditions. To meet the increasing demand for environmental friendliness, Cortec® also offers many low VOC and water-based topcoat options powered by VpCI® inhibitor packages.

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