NEWS ALERT: Match Your Existing Color Scheme with Cortec® Anticorrosion Coatings!

Do you want a protective metal coating that matches the color of your existing paint? Cortec® makes this possible with custom color matching for almost any Cortec® Micro-Corrosion Inhibiting Coating!

Why Color Match Paint?

There are many reasons end users might want their anticorrosion coating to match a specific color. Manufacturers that send painted metal parts around the world need to account for the corrosive environments these goods will encounter in shipping, storage, or final installation. At the same time, they may be required to use a specific brand-identifying color. Similarly, plant maintenance personnel may need to match a facility’s existing color scheme or safety colors when they paint metal stairways, railings, and support beams. Cortec® can help by tinting almost any Cortec® Coating of choice to the right color.

How Can I Match an Existing Paint Color?

There are several ways to get the desired Cortec® Coating color. (1) The easiest way is to give Cortec® the RAL or federal number of the color that needs to be matched. RAL numbers are the same around the world. That means someone in Indonesia or the UK could request RAL 7046 and Cortec® could, for example, make EcoShield® VpCI®-386 in the exact same gray color at Cortec® headquarters. (2) Another option is to send a sample of existing paint, which Cortec® can apply to a laboratory test panel and read with its X-Rite system. (3) If no RAL number or paint sample exists, customers can send a sample of anything flat that matches their desired color and is able to fit under the handheld X-Rite color reader. In his decades of coatings experience, Rick Shannon (Technical Service Manager) has had customers send him everything from curtains to carpets to pieces of blinds for color matching.

Once Cortec® gets the RAL number or reads the color on the X-Rite, they identify which tints are needed, run a sample batch of paint, and double check the color to make sure it is correct. They continue to adjust tints as needed until the color is right and they are ready to run the full production batch.

Ready, Set, Color Match!

Whether you have a mezzanine system that needs a protective coating in a specific safety color, or you have a piece of heavy equipment that needs a new coating to match the paint peeling off in the rental yard, Cortec® is here to help you select a Cortec® Coating that makes the most sense for your application and then match it to your industrial color palette. Contact us to get started:

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