1. What is VpCI®?

VpCI® stands for Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors protect metal from corrosion without being in direct contact with the metal surface.

2. How does VpCI® work?

VpCI® works by sublimating, or vaporizing, from the packaging material and saturating or filling the packaged atmosphere. Once the atmosphere is saturated, VpCI® molecules bind, or adsorb, onto the metal surface. This action forms a thin, mono-molecular layer that prevents corrosion from occurring.

3. How Are VpCI® Coatings Different from Other Coatings ?

VpCI® Coatings differ from other coatings by the corrosion inhibitor chemistry which is formulated into the coating.  This chemistry is proven effective in a wide range of coatings systems and in many cases allows our coatings to be more environmentally friendly than traditional coatings.

4. Do I Need to Clean the Surface Before Applying a VpCI® Coating ?

In order to achieve optimal coating performance it is always recommended to start with a clean surface.  Our technical application guides have our recommendations.

5. How Should I Apply VpCI® Coatings ?

Our coatings can be applied using all traditional application methods.  Please refer to our data sheets or our application guides for more details.

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