NEWS ALERT: New Cortec® Demo Video: How to Test Coating Adhesion!

We are pleased to release a new demo video on how to test coating adhesion! This test can be very important for coating applicators who want to make sure their first coat of paint has cured enough to apply the second coat-or for applicators who simply want to paint over an old coating. Good coating adhesion is critical to the success of an anticorrosion coating system because if the coating does not stick to the surface, protection is lost. If adhesion is good, the coating can do its job!

Now, painters can watch our new demo video to see how Technical Services Manager, Rick Shannon, tests coating adhesion according to ASTM D3359 on a panel coated with one of Cortec’s Micro-Corrosion Inhibiting Coatings™. Using a special tool from his adhesion test kit, he makes perpendicular cuts to get 100 tiny squares on the surface of a coating. After brushing off the residue, he uses a piece of masking tape to see how many squares of paint he can pull off. Based on this, he calculates the percentage of failure and the level of adhesion.

At the end of the video, Rick explains how to do the same basic test in the field without special equipment. The only tools needed are a utility knife and masking tape. Rick demonstrates how to make 11 cuts in each direction (to get 100 squares), brush off the paint residue, and see how many squares of paint can be pulled off with the masking tape.

Rick often recommends testing coating adhesion to customers. Now, instead of having to get the directions over the phone or via email, customers can watch this short demo video to see how it is done! Watch now:

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