Case History Spotlight #643: Biobased Coating for Outdoor Tube Storage

The ends of 30 feet (9 m) tubes used in fire protection systems were being missed during a fast-paced painting process on the production line. The manufacturer needed a rust preventative that could protect the ends of the tubes so they would be aesthetically pleasing to customers after being bundled and stored outside for 9-12 months.

The manufacturer decided to test EcoLine® 3690 biobased coating on a small bundle of bare steel pipes. A second bundle was coated with water-based paint for comparison. The bundles were stored outside for about eight months. At the end of the trial, the manufacturer was impressed with the performance of EcoLine® 3690 and adopted it as a replacement for the solvent-based rust preventative previously used to protect the ends of the tube bundles.

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Keywords: case history spotlight, rust preventative, outdoor storage, biobased coating, coating for outdoor storage, EcoLine 3690

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