NEWS ALERT: How to Select the Best Cortec® Rust Preventative for Your Needs

Just because one Cortec® product is a great rust preventative (RP) does not mean that it is the best choice for every application. In fact, Cortec® offers a variety of rust preventatives with specific characteristics that make some Cortec® RPs ideal for one application and other Cortec® RPs ideal for another. Viewing these flagship RPs through the accompanying selection grids can help users decide which one they prefer for a specific situation.

Storage or Shipping Environment

The most important factor in making your decision is determining the level of protection needed. Metal parts that sit outdoors need more robust protection than those that experience only slight humidity changes indoors. Metals stored in sheltered outdoor conditions need more protection than those indoors but can take advantage of robust RPs that could otherwise be washed off in the rain.

Product Carrier

The product carrier is another important characteristic that factors into the choice of an RP. Some users want a more sustainable, worker-friendly product that is water-based or biobased, while other companies have specs that have been around for decades and still call for solvent-based RPs.

Film Type

The film type can affect handling and appearance of the protected parts. Thin, dry RPs are very inconspicuous and great for tight tolerances. Oily RPs can be good for rotating components. Thick RPs may be better where heavy-duty protection is needed.


Those responsible for choosing an RP should also consider what kind of cleaning scenario end users want to see. If power washing is okay, a thicker RP can be used. Other RPs only require light washing or no removal at all.

Next time you choose an RP, be sure to look at your options through the grids at left for the most satisfactory experience. Need more help or other options? Contact Cortec® today to discuss your specific rust preventative

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