NEWS ALERT: Get Your Fleet Ready for Winter with These Undercarriage Coatings!

Winter brings snow and ice, prompting DOTs (departments of transportation) to get deicers out on the road to keep travel safe. As a result, plenty of deicing salts splash up on cars, trucks, and buses, leading to corrosion if not washed off quickly and thoroughly enough. Unfortunately, it is much harder, but not less important, to clean the vehicle underbody. Applying Cortec® underbody coatings before winter sets in is therefore a great corrosion prevention strategy for vehicle and fleet owners.

cortec underbody coatings

Anticorrosion Underbody Coatings

CorrBarrier™ Primer is a fast-drying water-based one-coat system suited for corrosion protection in the underbody/under-hood market. Although called a primer, it can serve as a standalone coating for protection of vehicle frames and undercarriages. It has a low VOC of 0.2 lbs/gal (24 g/L) and has a recommended DFT (dry film thickness) of 2.0-3.0 mils (50-75 µm). It is an ideal choice for those concerned about worker exposure to solvents and high VOCs. VpCI®-398 is a similar, yet heavier duty, solvent-based underbody coating. It can be applied more thickly at 4.0-5.0 mils (100-125 µm) DFT for stronger protection. Both coatings remain flexible with good chip resistance in case of gravel, salt, and other road particles hitting the coating.

Winterize Your Fleet Now

It can be difficult to plan ahead, but with winter fleet maintenance, the payoff can be huge. Coating undercarriages of cars, trucks, buses, and snowplows now will help them weather the winter better, resist corrosion, and ultimately last longer. Multiply the value of one truck’s extended service life by the scores or hundreds of vehicles in the fleet, and the ROI is significant. Contact Cortec® to learn more about coating your vehicle underbody to be ready for winter!

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