PRESS RELEASE: Need a Quick-Dry Anticorrosion Coating for Your Paint Line? Try EcoShield® 386 FD for Less Sticking!

Mass production of metal parts often includes protective coatings application. But in the fast-paced manufacturing environment, there may not be enough time for the parts to cool before the coating dries. This is counterproductive when hot painted parts stick together, only to be pulled apart later and leave the coating damaged. EcoShield® 386 FD is designed specifically to eliminate this problem.

Eliminate Sticking on Hot Coated Parts
EcoShield® 386 FD Water Based Micro Corrosion Inhibiting Coating is a force-dry version of Cortec’s top water-based anticorrosion coating, EcoShield® VpCI®-386. As such, EcoShield® 386 FD offers excellent corrosion protection at 1.5-3.0 mils (37.5-75 µm) DFT (dry film thickness). The advantage is that EcoShield® 386 FD force-dries in only 5-10 minutes at 150 °F (54 °C) and has good hot hardness, which keeps the hot coated parts from sticking together before they can cool down.

A Great Coating Solution for Fast-Paced Paint Lines
EcoShield® 386 FD is perfect for fast-paced manufacturer spray and dip lines. Many pipes, hooks, castings, equipment components, and other metal parts need to be coated during production in preparation for their final installation. The problem is that the painted parts often pile up or are bundled together at the end of the line while the coating is hot and sticky. As a result, the parts may adhere to each other, damaging the coating when the components are later pulled apart, thus leaving a weak point for corrosion to get a foothold. EcoShield® 386 FD reduces this risk.

An Excellent Alternative to Solvent-Based Paints
In addition to its corrosion protection and force-dry capability, EcoShield® 386 FD has several other positive coating features. For starters, it is an excellent alternative to solvent-based coatings, which often have high VOCs and are more difficult to clean up. As a water-based coating with only 0.6 lbs/gal (72 g/L) of VOC, EcoShield® 386 FD offers a better worker environment with easier cleanup than many traditional protective coatings. Furthermore, EcoShield® 386 FD has excellent UV resistance, making it acceptable for components (e.g., heavy equipment parts or pipes) that will be stored or used outdoors. Finally, EcoShield® 386 FD can be used clear or matched to most custom colors, providing an excellent solution for OEMs that have to make the coating inconspicuous or fit in with a specific color scheme.

Keep Production Rolling
EcoShield® 386 FD is a great solution for mass production of metal parts that need a protective coating but do not have enough time to dry before they cool down. By adding EcoShield® 386 to the dip or spray line, manufacturers can keep production rolling at a fast pace without worrying about sticking parts and damaged coatings. Contact Cortec® today to discuss the use of EcoShield® 386 in your force-dry application:

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