Case History Spotlight #776: Preventing Rust on Construction Equipment

Preventing Rust on Construction Equipment

A manufacturer of front-end loaders and skid steers needed corrosion protection on unpainted metal components during outdoor storage for up to six months or a year. The customer had been using a sticky oil-based product that looked terrible because it collected dirt and bugs. It was also at risk of washing off in harsh storms.

In the search for a removable rust preventative product that looked better, had low VOCs, and only needed to be applied once, the manufacturer (who had a longstanding relationship with Cortec®) tested VpCI®-391 to ensure compatibility with fiberglass and painted areas of the equipment. This confirmed, they started using VpCI®-391 on unpainted metal parts and other sensitive areas, including wheel rims, bolt heads, and hydraulic boxes. The product offered effective protection. Complaints about appearance stopped, and equipment distributors often leave VpCI®-391 on permanently. Thanks to VpCI®-391, the company has successfully replaced an oil-based product with one that is water-based, has low VOCs, and looks good.

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